Meg Kumin is a photographer with KU’s Marketing Communications Office.  She first fell in love with photography at age fifteen, when she spent all of high school behind the camera and under the dim, red light of the darkroom.  As a curious collector of knowledge and experiences, her career path into photography was long and circuitous.  The journey led her all over KU’s campus, where she received both a BA in American Studies and an MS in Computer Science. She later became a software developer at KU’s Natural History Museum.  It wasn’t until after three babies and a couple family crises, that Meg rebooted, and emerged in her early dream of being a professional photographer.  She returned to KU in 2015 to become a university staff photographer, where she delights documenting Jayhawks and all of their unique adventures. 


Meg does freelance work out of the Kansas City/Lawrence area.  A versatile photographer with documentary tendencies, she specializes in wedding, family and portrait photography.


Inquiries?  Please email: [email protected]