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Edwards Campus, Continuing EducationSTUDENT LIFE, Lawrence Campus, StudentsLandmark, Lawrence CampusDP6A2797Fall Color: 2020Athletic, Band, Spirit Squad, Color Guard, StudentsAthletic, Athletics (Intercollegiate), Undergraduate, StudentsHocky KU/MU Border Showdown: 20181803368_MK_KUvsRutgersFootball.3889Commencement: 2019Beekeeping Club: 2019KU Basketball vs Texas Tech: 20191803427_MK_LateNight-5291Mascots, Band, Spirit Squad, Color GuardCapoeira Class: 2017Grotesques in Panorama: 2018Lawrence Campus, Jayhawk BoulevardACADEMICS, School of Architecture, Design & PlanningAcademics, Biodiversity InstituteTesla Coil with PESO: 2016