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Band, Spirit Squad, Color Guard, AthleticsAthletic, Athletics (Intercollegiate), Undergraduate, StudentsSchool of the Arts, Dance, Dept. ofPainting Club En Plein Air Sculptures: 2020Commencement: 2019ACADEMICS, School of Architecture, Design & PlanningStructural Testing Lab for Civil Engineering: 2015Meg April SelectsWinter Color: 2021Traditions, Athletics (Intercollegiate)1803427_MK_LateNight-5291STUDENT LIFE, CandidsStudent profile or news story, Microbiology, Student AffairsFall Color: 2018Academics, Biodiversity InstituteChancellor's Office, ChancellorSchool of Music, MusicAthletic, Athletics (Intercollegiate), Undergraduate, StudentsPaleo Botony, Ecology & Evolutionary BiologyACADEMICS, School of Architecture, Design & Planning