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Vientam War Interview Transcription - Dick Heimovics

November 11, 2015
ORAL INTERVIEW TRANSCRIPTION THE VIETNAM WAR RICHARD HEIMOVICS DECEMBER 1996 What memories of WWII do you have? I vaguely remember when the war was over, becau...
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A Grandfather's Poem

December 07, 2014
Photography runs in the family. It's on its third generation. The following poem was found in my uncle's baby book. Circa 1938. It references my grandpa and his voracious...
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a radio interview

April 22, 2013
Last month, I had an essay published by Kate Gace Walton from Today, Seattle NPR affiliate KPLU produced a piece on Kate and Workstew. I was interviewed...
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an essay

March 15, 2013
An essay, describing my path into professional photography! If it weren't for Kate Gace Walton from, asking her pesky little question "What do you do?" I...
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a toast for my sister

August 08, 2011
Toast I made to my sister, Sarah, on her wedding day... August 9, 2008. Let me introduce myself. My name is Meg Kumin and I am Sarah's Big sister. But more than sist...
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volks love

August 03, 2010
Adrienne Egger is an old friend from highschool, and also an artist. In the summer of 2009, Adrienne and I were friends on facebook when I posted a photo of my daughters,...
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