a toast for my sister

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Toast I made to my sister, Sarah, on her wedding day... August 9, 2008.

Let me introduce myself. My name is Meg Kumin and I am Sarah's Big sister. But more than sisters, we are best friends. I am honored, thrilled and proud to stand by you today.

Growing up, we played hard, we fought hard and we loved hard. I remember a number of things like yesterday. In grade school, I remember playing Silly Sally Side and having rock sales in the driveway. In middle school, I remember wrestling, and having Sarah sit on me.But most of all, I remember Sarah…and boys. Or the lack thereof. 

In high school, Sarah came crying to me wondering why boys didn't like her. Most of her friends were dating, but Sarah wasn't. I told her boys were immature and couldn't appreciate her. Just give it a little time; and she'd meet someone; it would happen when she was least expecting it.  In college, Sarah would call me upset because she didn't have a boyfriend. I told her that the boys were superficial and self centered. They didn't know how to appreciate the fineness of Sarah. Give it a little time; and she'd meet someone; it would happen when she was least expecting it.  In graduate school, Sarah would call in tears because she was all alone. I told her I didn't have any more advice. She was on her own.

So she joined Match.com, the online dating service. She filled out their profiles and tests to help identify a potential match… and they gave her some bad news. I forget the exact numbers, but according to Match.com, Sarah was attracted to like 1 in 35,000 men. And only 1 in 2,000 men found her attractive.  And it seemed these numbers seemed to be mutually exclusive.  To save everyone the math, this made Sarah's potential match roughly 1 in 70 million.  Sarah was absolutely devastated. She was certain that she'd spend the rest of her life alone. I tried to reassure her. I went back to my old mantra: give it some time; and she'd meet someone; it would happen when she was least expecting it. 

Then Sarah walked into a Madison bike shop. Not even looking for a guy – just a bike. And there was Eric. Just like I told her. 

Screw Match.com. 

So I raise my glass to Eric. He is everything that Sarah wanted and more. Attentive, compassionate, bright and funny; full of adventure and dedication.  Eric, you aren't just 1 in 70 million. You are perfect; the one and only for Sarah.  To Eric's parents… thank you for sharing Eric with Sarah and our family. And thank you for treating Sarah like a daughter.  And to my parents, all those years, thank you for helping me console Sarah about boys. As we all know, it's too much for one person. And thank you for teaching us to never give up or settle for less than perfection. 

Eric, she's all yours. 
Cheers to the happy couple!


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